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Ferret Study

To test our hypothesis we did a proof of concept study with ferrets. Human neurosurgeons made a window in the nasal cavity, stripped tissue off the cribriform plate and sealed the holes with dental cement. The ferrets recovered nicely. We tested spatial memory by with tunnel mazes. Both groups performed similarly at first; but after 5 months, the ferrets with occluded cribriform plates took significantly longer to complete the maze. That is hippocampal dependent, which is a structure in the medial temporal gyrus. Also, notice that when the technician takes out the control ferret, it is trying to squirm away and bite her, which is common in normal-functioning ferrets. By contrast, occluded ferrets were very chill, like little ferret stoners. Fear is regulated by the amygdala, another structure in the medial temporal lobe. So, blocking the cribriform plate caused dysfunction of two regions in the medial temporal lobe.


Project Cribrose

We are starting Project Cribrose with two nearby medical centers, and this is our recruitment ad. We’ll use the ad below in targeted social media to bring traffic to the Project Cribrose site. Visitors will register their interest in participating. Subjects will get a 60 second CT scans, take annual memory tests, provide relevant medical histories and a DNA sample for genomic analysis of known and unknown alleles linked to Alzheimer’s disease and CP morphology